Privilege Working with Butch’s Team

We have had the privilege of working with Butch’s team both in relocating to Houston and then a year later relocating out of Houston.

Both times it was a seemless process because of their professionalism, experience and commitment to excellence. After moving in, Lacy Spears was always available to help with referrals in the community and stayed connected in serving us the whole year.

When making the decision to sell, we immediately knew who we wanted to represent us. The team’s first concern was meeting our goals in transitioning out of Houston and they were very successful in accomplishing everything we had hoped for.

We now fully understand the value of a full-service real estate team when moving to a brand new city without any relationships. We really appreciate the team going above and beyond! Thank you.

Brian and Meredith Hurd
Houston Baptist University

— Brian and Meredith Hurd